HSE Short Story Winner announced

On Thursday May 17th, Carol Sherry joined the judging panel of the HSE Book Club and second Guest Judge Martin Edwards to select the winner of the Short Story Writing Competition 2012.

HSE Book Club Members Pen, Annie, Anne Marie, Tracey, Margaret and Karen all standing, with Judging Panel Chair and Eye Fund Trustee Helen Rowlands, Guest Judge and author Martin Edwards, and finally, Guest Judge and Eye Fund Chair Carol Sherry

Book Club Judging Panel

After much discussion and negotiation the panel selected Andy Siddle’s entry “As long as they could remember” as the outstanding winner.  The panel thought that this was a poignant and touching story that showed good character development, particularly in such a limited number of words.  Andy will be presented with a book token and framed Eye Fund Print in the coming weeks.

The panel were impressed by the high standard of entries, making their selection, particularly for 2nd and 3rd place particularly hard.  Congratulations should also go to Richard Conway for his ‘Mysterious Parcel’ in second place, and to George Gough for his entry ‘Another Year’ in third place.