Craft Fair in the Pavilion, Birkenhead Park

I think the people in Birkenhead must be getting fed up with us by now. (Only kidding) They have been very generous. This was anew craft fair that hadn’t been there before and we were offered a free table as we are a charity. We couldn’t miss this opportunity to get to know other stall-holders and raise even more for the charity. It was over the 2 days but only from 11.00am to 3.00pm. We finished the weekend taking £225.00.

Craft Fair The Pavilion in Birkenhead Park

This was our first real opportunity to display our goods at a Craft Fair. Held in The Pavilion in Birkenhead Park, it was supposed to be in a big marquee. Guess what? Someone forgot to order it. However, some thoughtful person managed to buy some gazebos and (nearly) everything worked out OK. The weather was good and we managed to take about £200.