5th Fractured Vision Art Exhibition

What a fantastic start we had to the art exhibition. Within 2 hours we had taken nearly £500. This will go a log way to help those losing their vision. We donated an Apple Watch, an Apple iphone and Guide software for a computer. The recipients were so grateful. They all promised to do as much as they can to help raise funds for The Eye Fund.

Great donation

Thank you SCA Hygiene Products Ltd for your great donation of £240. This will go a long way to pay for counselling for those losing their vision.

Successful cocktail party.


Our daughter, Helen, had a charity cocktail party on Friday 23rd September with the ladies from Vocal Infinity. It raised a fabulous £535. What a party it must have been. Thank you Helen and all the ladies of Vocal Infinity. (I bet there were some hangovers next day).